We supply a solar energy installation for your site, office, or other building including finance.


  • You pay less per month for your energy than you do now!
  • Fixed price per month without any surprises!
  • You pay towards an asset instead of paying to your energy company.
  • No up-front investment needed.
  • After the lease period, you get 100% benefit from your solar production for another 10 years.
  • Positive environmental impact.

Example calculation:

For this example, we use a special load tariff (SLT) client to explain your energy bill.

The below info you find on your energy bill:

– Energy charge      0.99GHC *

– Government levy   0.0117GHC

– streetlight levy      0.0176 GHC

– VAT                     0.15 GHC              

– Nhil                      0.025 GHC

Total cost per kWh now 1.19 GHC ($0.21/kWh)

When financing your solar plant, we can offer a lease to buy for approx. $0.09/ kWh.

We can install around 45% of your total energy request.  In the mix, Solar and grid we bring back your total energy cost per kWh to  ±$0.14/kWh. instead of $0.21. This is a saving of 25% on your energy bill.

For consumption of 500.000kWh/year, the saving will be around $18.000/ year without any investment.

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